Ten Tips When Ordering Your Wedding Favors

Jaclyn Peter’s Designs 10 Tips When Choosing Your Favors.
We often have many clients asking our advice when ordering their favors and we love to assist them! Here are our tips on our most commonly asked questions.

1- Try to incorporate your favors into your party theme. For example if you are having a Diamond Theme wedding, try selecting favors with rhinestone or glitter accents.  When a Beach Theme celebration is planned, guests will love take home treats such as tropical drink mixes.

2- Mix and match your favor colors to coordinate with your color scheme for a stunning display. You will add an extra decor element to your tables without the extra cost. Here’s one example – if your colors are pink, black and white, try ordering pink boxes with white bows and white boxes with pink bows. Fill with alternating coordinating colored candies.

3- Your favors should be a reflection of you and should celebrate your personality.  Select either colors you love, an activity you love or a city or place that holds special memories for you.

4- A general rule of thumb when counting the number of favors needed for your celebration is:  One favor per single guest and one favor per couple.

5- If you are having children attending your celebration, try two age appropriate favors. Children will love personalized candy bars and coloring activity sets to keep them busy during your wedding.

6- When selecting a couple’s monogram favor, traditionally the last name initial is placed in the center. The bride’s first initial on the left and the groom’s initial on the right. If your party is honoring one guest, then the initial of the first name is on the left, the first initial of the last name is in the middle, and the first initial of the middle name is on the right.

7- Selecting personalized favors? Always double and triple check your order for spelling errors to prevent your favors from being printed with the incorrect celebration date or name.  A simple typo unchecked can ruin your entire order and cost additional money.

8- Allow enough time before your event.  We recommend ordering four weeks before your celebration and five to eight weeks for custom made designs

9- Always make sure you order enough favors for your guests. It is better to order a few extra than to place a rush order for additional pieces. Dye lots may differ and you will incur double shipping charges and perhaps rush fees.

10- Have left over favors from your celebration? Why not donate them to a charity or a food bank if you are giving out edible treats?  Your clergy from your ceremony or wait staff from your reception would also appreciate a token of your thanks.

Best Wishes & Be Creative - Jaclyn


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